Topical Benefits of Ginger

What is Ginger?

Ginger is a perennial herb native to China and India. It is obtained from the plant Zingiber officinale. It is one of the most revered medicines in Ayurveda. Ginger is often referred to as a root, but it is actually an underground stem called rhizome. As a spice, the use of ginger dates back 4000 years. The medicinal properties of ginger were discovered around 2000 years ago.


Keep reading to find out about some of the things that can be treated with Ginger!


  1. Muscle Pain

During a scientific study, participants were made to consume ginger supplements daily for around 11 consecutive days. When the participants performed heavyweight elbow flexors on the 8th day to induce minimum injury to the muscles of the arms, it was found that due to the heat treatment provided by the ginger root, the muscle inflammation and pain levels were considerably low.


  1. Migraines

Ginger provides migraine relief as it can inhibit the prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in the blood vessels. Applying diluted ginger paste on the forehead provides relief from migraine.


  1. Osteoarthritis

The medicinal properties that ginger contains help in reducing inflammation that is caused by bone diseases like osteoarthritis. According to studies, ginger can boost energy in people who suffer from this disease. Joint mobility is increased, and relaxation is induced. Natural ginger helps in making the body supple and improving the mood.


  1. Cellulite

Ginger essential oil is effective in reducing cellulite and symptoms of varicose veins. However, in case you have a very sensitive skin, you should use it in combination with other essential oils such as cypress or rosemary.


  1. Arthritis

This herb, used since ancient times for culinary needs, can be effective in treating arthritis pain. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties and using it is safe for most people, both topically and internally.


  1. Anti-Aging

Ginger contains around 40 antioxidant compounds that protect against aging. It improves the appearance of your skin by removing the toxins and stimulating the circulation, resulting in the delivery of more nutrients to the skin. The antioxidants prevent damage from the free radicals, thus preserving the youthful appearance of the skin


  1. Burns

Applying ginger can relieve the pain and heal burnt skin by restoring it to the natural position.


  1. Blemishes and Acne

Being a powerful antiseptic and cleansing agent, ginger helps in keeping the skin clean, smooth and free of blemishes. Besides, it also invigorates and stimulates your skin. It is also the best natural acne-fighting weapon as it minimizes the rate of acne formation and eruption by killing and clearing the acne-causing bacteria.


  1. Hypopigmented Scars

Hypopigmented scars occur when the skin loses its pigmentation and are generally white or much lighter than the actual skin tone. Ginger can reduce the appearance of hypopigmented skin to a significant extent


  1. Skin Tone

Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac, antioxidant and toning properties, which contribute to radiant skin. Ginger will nourish and soften your skin and prevent aging.


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