Benefits of Mandarin Oil

What is Mandarin Oil?

Apart from being used as a flavoring agent in the food and beverage, cosmetics, soap, oil, and perfume industries, this oil has various potent medicinal uses as well. The main components of mandarin oil are geranial, linalool, limonene, camphene, sabinene, myrcene, nerol, citral, methyl anthranilate, gamma terpinolene and citronellal.


What are the health benefits of Mandarin Oil?

1. Prevents Infections
Mandarin Oil protects wounds from becoming septic as well as from other bacterial, fungal or viral infections. It forms a protective barrier over the wound and promotes scabbing. In a 2018 report by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the oil itself has bactericidal and fungicidal properties and kills them, thereby adding to this protective effect.

2. Relieves Spasms
A spasm in the respiratory system can cause breathing troubles, congestion, and exhausting coughs while muscular spasms cause cramps and muscle pulls. Spasms in the digestive system can cause vomiting and aches in the stomach and intestines while a spasm in the nervous system can result in nervous afflictions and convulsions. There are several treatments, but one that is herbal and has no adverse side effects is a mandarin essential oil. Just a few drops and the spasm will be relieved.

3. Improves Blood Circulation
The oil of mandarin oranges also improves blood circulation, particularly below the skin, which keeps the skin rejuvenated and looking young and vibrant. This improved circulation also creates warmth and provides relief from rheumatism and arthritis.

4. Removes Toxins
Mandarin Oil purifies the blood by helping remove toxic and unwanted substances from the body by means of excretion, including urine, fecal matter, and sweat. This prevents diseases that result from the deposition of toxins, such as abscesses, boils, acne, gout, and arthritis.

5. Improves Digestion
A few drops of this oil after lunch or dinner facilitates digestion by stimulating the discharge of digestive juices and bile into the stomach. It also increases appetite.

6. Hepatic
This oil is good for the liver as it helps to maintain the proper discharge of bile from it and protects it from infections. It also strengthens the liver and improves its overall functionality.

7. Relieves Anxiety
Although the oil is a common sedative, its sedating action is more prominent in relaxing and calming nervous afflictions and disturbances. It can calm attacks of epilepsy, hysteria, and convulsions. Furthermore, it removes stress and anxiety.

8. Promotes Cell Growth
Mandarin Oil also promotes the growth of new cells and tissues, thereby helping to speed the healing time of wounds and other signs of wear & tear. This also promotes proper growth of the body.

9. Acts as Tonic
Mandarin Oil tones up overall health and boosts the function of the immune system. Being a tonic, it helps in the growth and proper functioning of the body by toning up all the organic systems functioning in it, including the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory, neurotic, excretory, nervous, and endocrine systems. It also boosts the overall immune system of the body.