Benefits of Organa CBD Pet Shampoo

Benefits of CBD Pet Shampoo:

Organa CBD pet shampoo is perfect for all fur types. This completely natural and organic pet shampoo will soothe the skin and leave your pup with a soft amazing smelling coat! The healing properties of CBD may calm any skin inflammation and irritation that your furry friend may be experiencing while adding an extra layer of hydration and protection for long-term results. On top of CBD, our pet shampoo is packed with lots of other ingredients to help nourish your furry friends’ skin and coat.

Organic Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for dogs that suffer from dry and irritated skin. This oil has been praised for centuries by many tropical cultures. Coconut oil has been referred to as a miracle oil because it offers a range of health benefits and treatments for a variety of ailments. The oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and immune boosting properties. Coconut oil will naturally relieve a dog’s dry and itchy skin.
Almond Oil – Besides being a wonderful flea and tick repellant, almond oil is great for hair and skin care. It contains fatty acids that will soothe and soften the skin and lock in moisture.
Lavender Extract – Lavender is great for skin healing. Any cracking, hotspots, itching or dandruff will be taken care of by the lavender extract. Lavender is also a natural mosquito repellant, so this shampoo is perfect for summer to keep the bugs away from your pup.
Lemon Extract – Lemon helps fight against arthritic pain plus lemon can destroy many forms of bacteria, including those that cause deadly diseases. Protects your dog’s cells from free radicals, therefore inhibiting the formation of cancerous tumors.
Mandarin Extract – mandarin is great for skin all around, it will speed up healing or any damaged skin plus nourish the skin and coat to keep them soft and soothed.