Tips on choosing the best dose of CBD for you

Here is a few bits of information for those who are trying to decide how much and in what way to dose your CBD:

1.Body Weight Plays a Factor

As with most supplements, the higher your body weight, the higher your dose of CBD should be. Try starting with 0.25mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

2.Increase your Dose Gradually 

When you start taking CBD for the first time, start with a small dose and then work your way up if needed. Wait one week before increasing your dose as CBD builds up in your body and will take at least this long to be at full effect.

3.Method of Absorption 

CBD is CBD no matter how you take it but the way you are absorbing it can change how fast you feel the effects, how targeted the effects are, the duration of the effects and how much is actually being absorbed. Tincture is widely known to have the highest absorption rate but there can be benefits to taking CBD in other forms. CBD edibles have the longest duration of effects due to the CBD slowly being released to your system as you digest the food. Topical products are the best for targeting a specific area like joint or muscle pain.

4.Time of Dosing

Taking CBD daily is amazing for your health and can keep many different ailments at bay, but to get the best effect for you, timing your dose right is essential. For example, if you are taking tincture for sleep, you would want to take it right before going to sleep because effects begin within 2 minutes but if you are taking an edible to sleep you will want to take it an hour in advance due to the longer period before effects begin with an edible. Another example would be if you were trying to treat daily chronic knee pain, with this situation it would be best to dose yourself in the morning and at night to give yourself 24 hour relief.

5.Daily Variation

You do not have to take the exact same amount every day. While you should make sure you are consistently dosing it is completely okay to have days where you need to take more than others. Say you have a job interview today that you are extra anxious about, take an extra dose right before!


CBD unlike its sibling THC does not cause your body to build up a tolerance. This is because while THC binds directly to a certain receptor in your endocannabinoid system, CBD only causes receptors to either uptake or release more while not actually binding to them.


Overdosing on CBD is simply not possible. Taking a very large dose may cause you to be tired and feel a bit fuzzy but there is no risk at all of severe or permanently damaging effects.





Benefits of Chamomile

What Is Chamomile?

Chamomile plants are a member of the Asteraceae/Compositae family. There are two common types of chamomile used medicinally today: German chamomile (chamomillarecutita) and Roman chamomile (chamaemelumnobile).
The chamomile plant is native to Western Europe and Northern Africa, but these days it’s grown all around the world in different temperate regions.
Records show that chamomile benefits have been recognized for centuries, with the herb being used both medicinally and cosmetically. Germans have used chamomile to resolve digestive issues since at least the first century, and records show that Egyptians worshipped the plant and dedicated festivals to its healing properties. Egyptian noblewomen were known to crush chamomile flowers and apply them to their skin to preserve their youthful glow and naturally slow signs of aging.
Romans used chamomile as a medicinal herb to fight disease and promote longevity. Its healing qualities spread throughout Europe and eventually the British brought chamomile plants to North America. Doctors throughout Europe and in the early settlements of America included chamomile in their medicinal bags because it was able to reduce pain, inflammation, allergies and digestive issues. People also used it as a natural deodorant, shampoo and perfume.

What are Possible Health Benefits of Chamomile?

1. High Source of Antioxidants
The main antioxidant components extracted from chamomile flowers are the terpenoid group of antioxidants, including chamazulene and acetylene derivatives. Because these delicate compounds are unstable, they’re thought to be best preserved in an alcoholic tincture or “essential oil” form.
These compounds help to reduce inflammation by fighting free radical damage and preventing cell mutation. Chamomile benefits start with antioxidants that are associated with better immune function, lower rates of mood disorders, reduced pain and swelling, and healthier skin, hair, nails, teeth and eyes.

2. Fights Anxiety and Depression
Chamomile, whether in tea, tincture or essential oil form, is one the best medicinal herbs for fighting stress and promoting relaxation, according to research from Alternative therapies and medicines in Health. Inhaling chamomile vapors using chamomile oil is often recommended as a natural remedy for depression and general anxiety, which is one reason why chamomile oil is a popular ingredient in many candles, aromatherapy products and bath-soaking treatments.
In extract form, chamomile is frequently used as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety because its vapors travel directly to the olfactory part of the brain, turning off tension and reducing the body’s stress response. Therefore, practitioners use chamomile to effectively relieve symptoms of chronic anxiety and stress.

3. Improves Digestion
Believed to be a powerful digestive aid, chamomile can be used to treat various gastrointestinal disturbances, including gas, acid reflux, indigestion, diarrhea, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. Chamomile extract can help shorten the course of diarrhea and colic in children as well as relieve symptoms associated with the conditions like pain and anxiety.
Many of these benefits are due to chamomile’s natural relaxing effects. Because the brain and the gut communicate directly back and forth via the vagus nerve, a more relaxed mind can also help heal leaky gut, which can mean reduced symptoms of chronic conditions like leaky gut, IBS and other gut-related issues. Chamomile benefits include mellowing effects also make it a good choice for pregnant women in order to relax the digestive tract and act as a natural remedy for nausea.

4. Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory and Pain-Reducing Abilities
Chamomile is sometimes called an “herbal aspirin” since it’s been a popular home remedy for lowering pain for centuries. Chamomile flowers are used alone or in combination with other anti-inflammatory foods to reduce pain, congestion, swelling and redness. They’re effective at reducing facial swelling, skin irritations, toothaches, pain from infections and underlying issues of inflammation. This is the reason chamomile extract is commonly added to beauty products like facial or body lotions, toothpastes, and bath soaps.

5. May Help Fight Cancer
Recently, several studies dug into the anti-cancer activity of chamomile. Evidence shows positive effects of chamomile stopping cancerous tumor growth and acting as a natural cancer treatment. Inhibition of cancerous cells is believed to be due to chamomile’s antioxidants called apigenin, which are bioactive constituents that appear to help fight skin, prostate, breast and ovarian cancers.
In a recent study published by the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, chamomile extracts were shown to cause minimal growth inhibitory effects on normal healthy cells, but showed significant reductions in human cancer cells, especially androgen-refractory cells that often lead to prostate cancer.

6. Relieves Congestion
Because chamomile benefits include both fighting infections and reducing mucus congestion, it’s added to many nasal sprays. Chamomile tea is also a good choice when you’re sick and want to beat a cold, the flu or sinus infection.
Studies indicate that inhaling steam with chamomile extract is helpful in common cold symptoms. Some people even gargle chamomile tea or extract to fight inflammation of the mucous membranes and within the mouth and throat.

7. Promotes Skin Health
Suffering from breakouts or dry, irritated, aged, red skin? Try using chamomile oil mixed into lotion. Chamomile promotes smooth, healthy skin and relieves irritations thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Chamomile’s flavonoids and essential oils penetrate below the skin surface into the deeper skin layers of the skin, preserving its youthful appearance, completion and immune defenses. As a traditional medicine, it’s been used for centuries to treat wounds, ulcers, eczema, gout, skin irritations, bruises, burns and canker sores.
Today, we know chamomile benefits and uses go even further — it’s also useful for getting rid of signs of aging like dark spots and fine lines, reducing dandruff naturally, treating chickenpox quickly, and fading scars. Additionally, it makes a great natural diaper rash treatment and can even be used around the eyes to fight infections and sties.

8. Keeps Gum and Teeth Healthy
In addition to healing skin and the respiratory tract, chamomile benefits include the ability to fight various bacterial infections of the oral cavity, teeth and gums. Chamomile benefits help reduce pain associated with cancer sores, wounds and toothaches, plus they fight harmful bacteria that can live within the mouth.

9. May Improve Heart Health
Recently, chamomile has been associated with providing cardiovascular protection. Because of its high level of flavonoids, chamomile consumed in foods is linked with a lower risk of death from coronary heart disease in elderly men.


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Benefits of Lavender

What Is Lavender?

Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family that’s easily identified by its sweet floral scent. It’s believed to be native to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India, with a history going back as far as 2,500 years.

In ancient times, lavender was considered a holy herb. Additionally, it was used to freshen up and give a light scent to a variety of personal items, such as clothing and hair.


What Are Possible Health Benefits of Lavender?

Today, lavender is more than just a fragrant plant. This herb is also used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. So, if you’re dealing with a few medical issues of your own, and you don’t want to risk the unpleasant side effects that come with many over the counter and prescription medicines, here’s a look at the potential health perks of using lavender.


  1. Improve Sleep

Insomnia is a nagging problem that effects a lot of us. Cutting out caffeine and getting more exercise may help induce sleep, but sometimes these efforts and other remedies don’t work. As a result, you end up a groggy mess in the daytime.

If you’re willing to try anything for a restful night’s sleep, a study published in March 2017 in the British Association of Critical Nurses found lavender essential oil to be an effective remedy in improving the sleep quality of intensive care unit (ICU) patients who had difficulty sleeping.

  1. Treat Skin Blemishes

A variety of essential oils are also excellent for dermatology use, including lavender. In fact, if you have acne, eczema, or skin inflammation, applying lavender to affected areas may play a role in treating blemishes and ease inflammation. The antioxidant activity of lavender may also contribute to wound healing.

  1. Natural Pain Relief

One study found lavender to be an effective remedy for postoperative pain. It can function as a pain reliever because the oil contains linalyl acetate and linalool — anti-inflammatory components that are found in many essential oils.

Lavender also contains polysaccharides. Another study published in the journal Phyto therapy Research stated that plants containing these molecules are “the most potent in curing inflammatory diseases,” which includes arthritis and rheumatism.

  1. Regulate Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Chronic high blood pressure puts added stress on the heart, increasing the risk of health complications like stroke and heart attack. But a small study published in 2017 in the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research found that when 40 people inhaled lavender essential oil after open-heart surgery, they reduced their blood pressure and heart rate, suggesting the oil had a positive effect on their vital signs. Yet the authors note more research is needed on this possible benefit.

  1. Relieve Asthma Symptoms

Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of lavender, it may also improve bronchial asthma. A study on mice published in July 2014 in the journal Life Sciences found that lavender essential oil had a positive impact on respiratory health, relieving allergic inflammation and mucus hyperplasia. Whether the same effect would be seen in humans remains unclear.

  1. Lessens Menopausal Hot Flashes

Hot flashes (or hot flushes) are a common menopause symptom that affects many women. It causes a sudden feeling of heat over the body, and it can make the face flushed and trigger perspiration. But lavender may help reduce menopause flashing and improve quality of life, according to a study published in September 2016 in the Journal of Chinese Medical Association.

  1. Helps Combat Fungus Growth

There are also several studies highlighting the potential antifungal properties of lavender. Studies suggest lavender may be effective in inhibiting the growth of certain types of fungus, such as C. albicans. It could also act as remedy for treating athlete’s foot and ringworm, which are also caused by fungus, according to previous research.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

In yet another study, lavender essential oil applied to the backs of mice once a day, five times a week, for four weeks, resulted in an increase in their number of hair follicles and a thicker dermal layer. This leads researchers to believe that lavender could potentially be used as a hair growth promoting agent, though more research is needed.

  1. Reduces Anxiety & Depression

Lavender has been well studied for its anxiolytic, or anxiety relieving, effects. Studies show both oral, inhaled and topically absorbed lavender may reduce anxiety. Some studies suggest oral lavender may be effective as an anti-anxiety medication. Scientists have found similar types of results for lavender’s effectiveness in treating depression.


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What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a chronic condition involving recurrent abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and/or constipation. It’s often associated with stress, depression, anxiety, or previous intestinal infection. About 10 to 15% of people have IBS.

Should you try CBD for IBS?

IBS can be difficult to treat, if standard treatments such as probiotics, dietary changes, and reducing stress have not been successful in treating your symptoms, CBD is a great thing to try next.

While there’s no specific study to confirm whether CBD is an effective treatment for IBS, it is completely natural and safe, meaning there’s no physical harm in trying it.

What we know about CBD and IBS:

If you’re unfamiliar with your body’s endocannabinoid system, it’s a vital team of naturally occurring molecules and receptors that work together to regulate countless aspects of your health. The active molecules in cannabis plants (like THC & CBD) can modulate this natural system.

Within your digestive tract, the endocannabinoid system is an essential part of regulating your speed of digestion and pain sensation. Natural genetic differences in this system make certain people more susceptible to IBS. Many different parts of the endocannabinoid system have been linked to different symptoms in IBS patients. For instance, low levels of the little-known endocannabinoid, palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is linked to frequent IBS cramps.

The endocannabinoid system was named after the therapeutic molecules found in the cannabis plant because they affect this system. Unsurprisingly, many people report that hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil relieves their IBS symptoms. CBD’s full impact on the endocannabinoid system is still being studied, but it can help regulate your natural levels of endocannabinoids.

Benefits of Organa CBD Pet Shampoo

Benefits of CBD Pet Shampoo:

Organa CBD pet shampoo is perfect for all fur types. This completely natural and organic pet shampoo will soothe the skin and leave your pup with a soft amazing smelling coat! The healing properties of CBD may calm any skin inflammation and irritation that your furry friend may be experiencing while adding an extra layer of hydration and protection for long-term results. On top of CBD, our pet shampoo is packed with lots of other ingredients to help nourish your furry friends’ skin and coat.

Organic Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for dogs that suffer from dry and irritated skin. This oil has been praised for centuries by many tropical cultures. Coconut oil has been referred to as a miracle oil because it offers a range of health benefits and treatments for a variety of ailments. The oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and immune boosting properties. Coconut oil will naturally relieve a dog’s dry and itchy skin.
Almond Oil – Besides being a wonderful flea and tick repellant, almond oil is great for hair and skin care. It contains fatty acids that will soothe and soften the skin and lock in moisture.
Lavender Extract – Lavender is great for skin healing. Any cracking, hotspots, itching or dandruff will be taken care of by the lavender extract. Lavender is also a natural mosquito repellant, so this shampoo is perfect for summer to keep the bugs away from your pup.
Lemon Extract – Lemon helps fight against arthritic pain plus lemon can destroy many forms of bacteria, including those that cause deadly diseases. Protects your dog’s cells from free radicals, therefore inhibiting the formation of cancerous tumors.
Mandarin Extract – mandarin is great for skin all around, it will speed up healing or any damaged skin plus nourish the skin and coat to keep them soft and soothed.

CBD & Weight loss

How can CBD help with weight loss?


Reduces appetite

Many people who have tried CBD for weight loss say that the compound reduces appetite and cravings. Most people associate cannabis with an increased appetite. While it is true that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis, may cause hunger, CBD does not. A 2012 study found that exposure to CBD reduced appetite in rats. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD is helpful for appetite suppression, there have been no direct studies that show CBD reduces appetite in humans.

Turns bad fat into good fat

Early research is beginning to show that CBD can convert white, or “bad,” fat into brown fat, which may help the body burn calories. White fat may also increase the risk of many chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. A 2016 study helps back up this claim. The researchers found that CBD plays multiple roles in how the body interacts with fat. Not only did CBD help convert white fat cells into brown fat cells, it also stimulated the body to break down fats more efficiently. The researchers noted that CBD may be a promising therapy for preventing obesity, but more studies in humans are necessary.

Burns fat

Another benefit is that CBD melts away fat in the body by breaking down the fat and helping eliminate it from the body as waste. A 2018 study shows that the process of turning white fat cells to brown fat cells changes how these cells act in the body. Brown fat cells may be a more active form of fat. They burn off energy as heat, meaning that they burn calories. As a loss of calories is vital for weight loss, CBD may help burn fat if it turns white fat to brown fat in the body.

Reduces the risk of metabolic disorders

There is a close link between obesity and several metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The overactivation of the CB1 receptors in the body may be partly responsible for this. Overactivation of the CB1 receptors in the fat tissue throughout the body could contribute to obesity and metabolic risks. CBD helps block off the CB1 receptors, meaning that it might reduce the risk of obesity. A treatment using CBD reduced total cholesterol by 25 percent in obese rats. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD also appeared to decrease blood sugar levels and increase markers for liver health.

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CBD & Insomnia

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a broad term to describe prolonged issues with sleeping throught the night.

Many things can cause poor sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, insomnia can be caused by:

  • mental health problems, such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression
  • medications that disrupt your sleep pattern
  • physical conditions, such as chronic pain
  • caffeine
  • environmental factors, such as loud noises or an uncomfortable bed


How CBD works to improve sleep

Even studies that conclude that CBD can improve sleep aren’t always able to say why this is the case. However, many researchers say that CBD improves sleep because it tackles the root causes of insomnia.

CBD may help treat:

  • the causes of sleepiness
  • excessive daytime sleepiness
  • grogginess


How to use CBD for sleep

There are several ways to get CBD into your body. Such as tinctures, edibles or vapes.

The dosage of CBD you use, and the time you take it, will depend on a few factors. Your weight, personal body chemistry, and the nature of your sleeping troubles will affect how the CBD works for you and how much you need. What works for some people might not work for others.

Most clinical trials on CBD and sleep have involved giving the subjects anywhere between 10 mg to 1000 mg of CBD per day. It’s best to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it until you find something that works for you.

Much of the research on CBD, anxiety, and sleep has noted that many patients don’t notice an immediate difference. A 2019 study noted that it took about a month for the subjects to notice the full effects. Be patient and remember that you’re unlikely to get immediate results.

CBD & Anxiety in Dogs

Understanding Anxiety in Dogs
Before we go into the details on how CBD works to calm canine anxiety. It is common for dogs as it is for humans to experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Most people often view the life of a dog as a simple one, but it is also marred with a lot of complications. Their lives are almost like those of human beings. Anxiety that is based on withdrawal has shown to be very common to dogs. Statistically, it has been proven that more than a 25% percent of dogs have trouble with anxiety. Dogs can sometimes undergo abuse, both mentally and physically and therefore are exposed to fear. Dogs are commonly affected by environmental conditions in which they have previously experienced something that frightened them, if they are then re exposed to this environment it will trigger anxiety. Change in habitat is also a major stressor for dogs. Aged dogs are also prone to anxiety attacks which may affect their memory as well as their ability to learn.

What symptoms in dogs show the presence of anxiety?
Anxiety is usually presented in different ways depending on the dog but some common signs to look out for are:

• Pacing
• Whining and whimpering
• Trembling
• Barking
• Aggression
• Panting
• Confining themselves to a small space
• Drooling
• Yawning or licking lips repeatedly
• Dilated pupils
• Having accidents inside

Can CBD Help Control Canine Anxiety?
The way CBD works for anxiety in dogs is the same way it works for anxiety in humans. Research shows CBD oil works by interacting with the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoid system to soothe and calm anxiety naturally. The endocannabinoid system is a newly discovered and complex biological system that’s not that well understood yet. What is understood is that the body has cannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system, the organs and the brain. These receptors are known as the endocannabinoid system. When the body naturally releases endocannabinoid chemicals (or you ingest them through a tincture) they connect with the receptors and that stimulates the body’s natural ability to create serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer.

CBD & Acne

What causes acne?

Normal, healthy skin requires the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. This is a naturally occurring oil that keeps your skin soft and moisturized.
However, for those that suffer from acne, the skin produces too much sebum. The excess can then clog the pores creating blackheads or whiteheads that then become the small, inflamed bumps known as pimples.

How can CBD help?

CBD is Anti-inflammatory
One of the ways that cannabidiol can help with acne is with its anti-inflammatory properties. This effect has been demonstrated when this naturally occurring compound was used either orally or topically.
By keeping the inflammation down on both sebaceous glands and clogged pores, CBD can have a soothing and calming effect on the skin for acne suffers.

CBD helps regulate sebostatic function
The second way that CBD helps acne is by performing a regulating role on the complex processes that trigger the sebaceous glands to produce sebum, also known as sebostatic function. CBD has been shown to have a direct effect in moderating the sebaceous glands implicated in acne. By normalizing the amount of sebum produced, CBD is active in addressing the root cause of acne, not just treating the symptoms.

More research is underway
Many anecdotal reports from countless customers have suggested that this may be one natural way to experience some relief from the symptoms of acne, without using harsh and toxic chemicals. Since current conventional medicated topicals for acne come with significant side effects for many users, all-natural CBD creams to reduce acne are gaining in popularity. Of course, if you have severe acne, you should work with a dermatologist to develop the right treatment plan for you.