CBD Capsules

Made in Beautiful British Columbia, Organa’s CBD Infused Capsules are a superior, natural pain reliever. With CBD to help combat inflammation and irritation, our Capsules starts working fast to relieve your worst arthritic, joint, muscle, and chronic pain.

Our CBD capsules contain:

  • Vitamin B12 – increases red blood cell production, supports bone health, improves mood, prevents neuron death, increases energy, improves heart health, beneficial for hair and skin.
  • Vitamin C – helps high blood pressure, reduces risk of heart disease, prevents/treats iron deficiency, boosts white blood cell function, helps maintain memory with age
  • Vitamin D3 – supports bone health, improves mood, reduces risk of flu, diabetes and cancer.
  • Hemp CBD – reduces pain and inflammation, improves mood, regulates apatite and sleep schedule, improves skin health, improves heart health.

CBD Capsules can be taken everyday as a daily vitamin or just for certain occasions that you feel you may need pain or anxiety relief.