HIV has been a health threat for a long time and large sums of time and money have been invested into finding a cure. Though there is not yet any proven cure for HIV or AIDS, research is still going on as to how symptoms of those affected by HIV can be managed.

How can CBD help?

HIV targets and weakens the body’s immune system causing those affected to become much more vulnerable to infections. Apart from the effects of these secondary infections, many find the thought of the virus present in their body distressing. CBD helps to boost immunity and provides relief for certain symptoms, such as pain and anxiety.


Anxiety is a common side effect of HIV. It is normal to be anxious after testing positive for HIV or any other illness in fact. Signs you may be suffering from anxiety include worrying excessively, easy agitation, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, etc.

CBD helps you relax and also alleviates any panic attacks you may be experiencing. Going through the HIV management process is troubling and tiring, and many patients are concerned about what the future will entail. CBD can help ease this to some degree, and at the least make sleeping easier.


The HIV virus itself is not known to directly cause pain, but the secondary infections HIV carriers are more susceptible to can definitely cause pain. CBD is known for its natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Will CBD cure HIV?

Short answer, no. CBD will help alleviate symptoms caused by secondary infections contracted by those with HIV and will treat any mental symptoms.  HIV is an asymptomatic virus that fights the body’s immunity to infections and leads to AIDS. Research has recently shown that CBD may also help the body in the fight against the virus which in turn causes the progression of the virus turning into AIDS to slow.

HIV treatment is accompanied by undesirable effects to the patient as antiretroviral drugs are associated with nausea, depression, anxiety, skin tingling, loss of appetite, insomnia, and muscle pains. All these symptoms can be managed by regular consumption of CBD. For so many years HIV has been related to excessive weight loss. Boosting a patient’s appetite to combat muscle breakdown as well as weight loss is another massive benefit of using CBD during treatment

Research shows that patients who combine CBD and the antiretroviral drugs actually see an improvement in their CD4 T- cell count. One study showed HIV patients that smoke cannabis have a lower incident of liver fibrosis attacks.

These are all positive effects of CBD that can directly impact HIV patients. From fatigue and anxiety to insomnia, lack of concentration, chronic pain, and skin infections, consuming CBD makes HIV more manageable.