Organa CBD Soap

Our Lavender CBD Soap Bars are back in stock! We know that CBD is great for skin conditions, pain, and inflammation but here is a little information about the other ingredients in our soap.


Despite popular belief, lye (or sodium hydroxide) soap, when made correctly, is not harsh, and it doesn’t burn skin. When farmers and homesteaders in the past made their soaps, they did not use correct proportions of lye and fats. They got their lye from wood ash and eyeballed the measurements which ended up producing soap that had residual lye in it which is what burned their skin. Fortunately, modern homesteaders and soap makers have great resources available to them to make lye soap that is cleansing but soothing. Daily pampering with lye soap cleanses and conditions skin, gets rid of dry and itchy skin, rashes and irritations.

A Little Science

The soap making reaction is very, very simple. All it involves is a combination of fats and lye:

Fats + Lye –> Soap + Glycerin + Residual Fats

Or, if you want it a little more scientific,

Triglycerides + Sodium Hydroxide –> Sodium Stearate + Glycerin + Residual Triglycerides

Sodium Stearate is the soap component. It forms foam and removes grease and fats, unclogs pores, reacts with noxious air pollutants deposited on our skin. It also removes urushiol, the plant toxin of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

Glycerin is a beneficial moisturizing byproduct of soap making. Glycerin is removed from commercially manufactured lye soaps.

Triglycerides (residual fats) also moisturize our skin.

Benefits of Lye Soap

General skin care, acne, the balancing of dry and/or oily skin, aging skin, Seborrheic Dermatitis and dandruff, Eczema, Psoriasis, sun burn treatment and prevention, relief from poison Ivy, poison Oak, and/or poison Sumac, and bug bite relief and repellent.

Lye is also a disinfectant that can be used around your home for general cleaning. It has been proven to break down virus walls, thus killing virus, while also being gentle on hands and leaving the good bacteria everyone needs completely alone.


These soap bars contain dried lavender flower for exfoliation plus lavender oil which heals treat acne, minimizes inflammation, slows aging, and speeds up healing on any blemishes!

Grab yourself one of these amazing soaps in store or online today!