Tips on choosing the best dose of CBD for you

Here is a few bits of information for those who are trying to decide how much and in what way to dose your CBD:

1.Body Weight Plays a Factor

As with most supplements, the higher your body weight, the higher your dose of CBD should be. Try starting with 0.25mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

2.Increase your Dose Gradually 

When you start taking CBD for the first time, start with a small dose and then work your way up if needed. Wait one week before increasing your dose as CBD builds up in your body and will take at least this long to be at full effect.

3.Method of Absorption 

CBD is CBD no matter how you take it but the way you are absorbing it can change how fast you feel the effects, how targeted the effects are, the duration of the effects and how much is actually being absorbed. Tincture is widely known to have the highest absorption rate but there can be benefits to taking CBD in other forms. CBD edibles have the longest duration of effects due to the CBD slowly being released to your system as you digest the food. Topical products are the best for targeting a specific area like joint or muscle pain.

4.Time of Dosing

Taking CBD daily is amazing for your health and can keep many different ailments at bay, but to get the best effect for you, timing your dose right is essential. For example, if you are taking tincture for sleep, you would want to take it right before going to sleep because effects begin within 2 minutes but if you are taking an edible to sleep you will want to take it an hour in advance due to the longer period before effects begin with an edible. Another example would be if you were trying to treat daily chronic knee pain, with this situation it would be best to dose yourself in the morning and at night to give yourself 24 hour relief.

5.Daily Variation

You do not have to take the exact same amount every day. While you should make sure you are consistently dosing it is completely okay to have days where you need to take more than others. Say you have a job interview today that you are extra anxious about, take an extra dose right before!


CBD unlike its sibling THC does not cause your body to build up a tolerance. This is because while THC binds directly to a certain receptor in your endocannabinoid system, CBD only causes receptors to either uptake or release more while not actually binding to them.


Overdosing on CBD is simply not possible. Taking a very large dose may cause you to be tired and feel a bit fuzzy but there is no risk at all of severe or permanently damaging effects.